Pencil Cactus


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Euphorbia tirucalli, Pencil Cactus
The pencil cactus plant is in the Euphorbia family of succulents.
Be cautious when caring for a pencil cactus; the sap is toxic and may cause problems in some people. The pencil cactus needs high levels of light and moderately low moisture. It is an excellent houseplant and provides an interesting silhouette. Care of pencil cactus is minimal. A pencil cactus needs very little care and can even be neglected if it’s planted and situated correctly. The soil must be slightly gritty and well draining. The container to use could be an unglazed pot which will allow excess moisture to evaporate. Euphorbia plants are quite adapted to limited fertility environments, and care of pencil cactus requires only one fertilization in spring. Full sun and temperatures of at least 65 F. (18 C.) or warmer are necessary when learning how to care for a pencil cactus. It will need water approximately every two to three weeks in summer but no water in winter. Allow the plant to dry out between irrigations. Care must be taken when caring for a pencil cactus to avoid the sap. Even eye protection is recommended when pruning.

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