Pothos, Global Green


Size: 4”
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Global Green Pothos

is tolerant of a wide range of light conditions. While it tolerates low light, it grows best in medium- and high-light spots. (This kind of light creates a medium to strong shadow throughout much of the day). To keep its variegation strong and distinct, grow it within 3 to 4 feet of an unshaded east- or west-facing window. If it doesn't get enough light, the variegation can fade. But don't fret: Global Green pothos thrives happily under both natural and artificial light. 

Treat Global Green pothos like other pothos varieties: Allow the potting mix to start to dry between watering again. Be sure the potting mix never stays soppy or saturated for extended periods. If it stays too wet, the roots can suffocate, die, and then rot away. Check the soil moisture levels before you water.

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