Hydrangea m. 'Summer Crush®'


Size: 3 Gallon
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The Summer Crush® Hydrangea is a fabulous new breakthrough in hydrangea colors, breaking the boring pink or blue pattern. This compact plant will carry raspberry red blooms in neutral and alkaline soils, and vibrant purple ones in acid soils – both wonderful choices. In warmer zones it will bloom twice, in early summer and again in late summer, and in zones 4 and 5 it will reliably re-sprout in spring, blooming in mid-summer on the new shoots. Now, wherever you are, you can enjoy these wonderful new colors on a compact plant that is between 18 inches and 3 feet tall. This tidy bush plant is perfect for planter boxes and pots, for small gardens, or for mass-planting as wonderful edgings to driveways and walks.

The Summer Crush® Hydrangea grows best in afternoon shade, dappled shade, or on the north-side of a building. It grows easily in any moist, fertile, well-drained soil, and it should be watered regularly during dry weather. It only very rarely suffers from any pests or diseases, and this easy-care plant needs nothing special to fill your garden with months and months of wonderful color.

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