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Lithops have adapted to tolerate harsh sunlight in their native environment. Thus, the best way to care for them would be to provide 4-5 hours of early sunlight, and partial shade in the afternoon. Since Lithops have the ability to store water for months in their leaves, watering this plant at the wrong time in their growth cycle can lead to its demise.

To walk you through on this one, water your Lithops once every 2 weeks (at most) beginning at the end of summer, where this plant is actively growing. But once the winter season hits, it's best to leave it be and not water at all, as this is when its old leaves will start to die and new ones will begin to grow inside, and watering it during this time of the year could have a negative effect on its growth. This normally happens after their dormant season, which is around spring to early fall. Once the days get shorter and the temperature get cooler in fall, the plants will be active again.

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