Tropical Foiage, TriState Foliage


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Choose the right pot. Because these are smaller plants, a compact pot will help them feel more comfortable. Plastic or glazed pots retain water better to keep the soil moist, but a drainage hole is essential to lower the risk of root rot.

Use nutritious soil. A very well-draining, rich soil will keep potted primroses beautiful. Use a soil mixture especially formulated for indoor flowering plants for the best nutritional balance to support prodigious blooms and colorful flowers.

Keep the temperature cool. Because these are northern flowers adapted to cooler temperatures, they do best in room temperatures from 50-70 degrees. In hotter temperatures, they will wilt and the blooms will fade more quickly.

Offer bright, indirect sunlight. Potted primroses require several hours of bright, filtered sunlight each day, and south-facing windows are best, but avoid direct sunlight that can scorch the blooms. Using sheer curtains can help diffuse the light to prevent problems.

Water generously. These are water-loving plants and require moist soil to stay lush and firm. Check the pots daily and water primroses as soon as the soil begins to dry out or the plants will wilt, but do not leave them waterlogged or the roots may rot.

Increase the surrounding humidity. These flowers also love a high-humidity environment. Using a room humidifier nearby can be helpful, or position the pot on a wet pebble tray to add more water to the air. Grouping several plants together will also raise their immediate humidity.

Fertilize lightly, if at all. Because these flowers only bloom for a few months, fertilizing is not always necessary. If desired, offer a diluted feeding of a phosphorus-rich fertilizer that will support blooms, but if the flowers are in rich soil, they may not need fertilization.

Pinch to encourage reblooming. Primrose blooms will gradually darken as they age, and pinching off the oldest, darkest blooms will encourage more frequent reblooming and lengthen the flowering lifespan of the plant. Pinch gently, however, to avoid excessive damage.