Strawberry Begonia


Size: 6" Hanging Basket
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Strawberry begonias are eye-catching plants native to Asia. As they mature, the plants send out long, thin runners that end in clusters of rounded leaves. When grown indoors and allowed to hang over a sill or edge, they form a very interesting display of hairy, red-hued leaves. You can even let the leaf runners scatter on the floor, similar to the outdoor gardeners who use them as ground cover. They will happily form a clump of plantlets at the base of the container. Over time, as the runners multiply and begin to look a little cluttered, you can easily take cuttings to start new plants and give them to your friends or use them to start new plants.

Strawberry begonias can be planted and cared for indoors during any time of the year and will grow rapidly, allowing you to enjoy their beautiful foliage quite quickly. With the right conditions, the plant may even bloom in the spring, but their flowers are rather inconsequential.

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