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Streptocarpus Ladyslipper

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Size: 6"
Color: Blue w/ White Center
Streptocarpus Ladyslipper

Light: Streptocarpus like dappled sunlight best.
Grow them in an eastern-facing window or under fluorescent light.
Water: The soil should be allowed to dry between ​waterings.
Streptocarpus is susceptible to root rot. Because of their delicate leaves, consider watering from the bottom, but never let the plant sit in water.
Let the soil become rather dry between waterings.
Temperature: Moderate to cool. Intense heat can cause wilting and plant failure.
Soil: A loose, very well-drained, very rich potting mix.
Fertilizer:Fertilize with a weak liquid African violet fertilizer during growth and flowering. They seem to thrive with a steady supply of weak fertilizer.
Repot larger plants in spring, at the beginning of the growing season. Like African violets, they have a shallow root system, so do not need an especially deep pot, but they like to have room to spread their roots throughout the top of the growing medium. When repotting a mature plant, be careful not to destroy too many of the fine roots near the soil surface. During repotting, make sure to use a very fast-draining soil—Streptocarpus thrives in fast-draining conditions and does not benefit from a peat-heavy soil that retains water.
Grower's Tips
The key to growing good Streptocarpus is to provide adequate moisture balanced with adequate drainage. No doubt like African violets, the most common problems besetting these lovely plants have to do with watering—usually too much of it. They should never be allowed to sit in water in a plant tray or water-logged soil. They also dislike strong, direct sunlight, which will burn their leaves.